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About I-70 Review

I-70 Review Mission Statement

I-70 Review strives to publish quality poetry and short prose from established and emerging writers in its hard-copy literary annual publication.  The magazine's goal are to encourage regional writers, promote poetry in our community, and gain a greater national presence to promote poetry.

As with any literary magazine, we try to publish the best work we receive.  Our interests are in writing that offers work grounded in fresh language, imagery, and metaphor.  Although we tend to prefer free verse writing, we want the writer to pay attention to the sound and rhythm of the language.  We like poetry with individual voice.  We like a good lyric or a strong narrative.  We like topics that are different and interesting or common topics with a different perspective or approach.  Please do not send us clichéd or stereotypical work.  We are not interested in writing that is sentimental or that tells instead of shows.  As with any magazine, editors have a certain preference or taste, so it is beneficial to read a copy of the magazine to see what we like to publish.  A rejection is not a comment on your poem as much as a statement of our taste.