I-70 Review

Writing and Art from the Middle and Beyond


The Bill Hickok Humor Award for Poetry

Deadline:  Feb 28, 2024

Entry Fee:  $15.00

Cash Prize:  $1,000

email address:  i70review@gmail.com

I-70 Review welcomes Poetry and Fiction submissions during its reading period between July 1 and December 31.  Please submit all work to: i70review@gmail.com.

Please follow these guidelines:

                             Only one submission each reading period.

Type your name, last name first followed by first name (Doe_John), in the subject area of the email and as the title of the attachment.  

          Submit all poems or prose in a single Microsoft Word document as one attachment  

          with one poem per page in Georgia font (10 pt.) please.


                             Please do not capitalize all the letters in your titles.

                               Include a bio of fewer than 100 words in Georgia font (10 pt.) at the end of your        



          Please single space all submissions.  

          For poetry, submit 3-5 poems of 40 or fewer lines unless solicited.  

          Fiction and flash fiction should not exceed 1500 words.  

          Please include with your submission your home address, phone number, and email address on  

          each page.  

          You do not need a cover letter.  We let the work stand for itself.  To be considered,

         all submissions must adhere to the guidelines.

     Although we prefer that you don't simultaneous submit, we do accept simultaneous submissions.  

     We inform writers of acceptance or rejection of work within six weeks or sooner.  If your work is

     accepted for publication elsewhere, please inform us as soon as possible.  We do not accept any

     previously published work to include work in blogs or any other online  publications.                                                                                                                  

         We ask for First North American Serial Rights as we will be the first to publish your work.                              

         Once we publish your work, your rights are reassigned to you.  We only ask that you give credit

         to I-70 Review upon any re-publication.

     We do not comment on poems or stories, but we might suggest a change or ask for more work.  

                             Publication of I-70 Review is annually in the fall.  

     We have published the work of Frank Paino, Jenny Molberg, Gary Soto, Gary Fincke, Christopher Buckley, Katherine Nuernberger, Robert Stewart, William Trowbridge, Diane Wakoski, Catherine Anderson, Walter Bargen, Deborah Bogen, Jim Daniels, Denise Low, Jo McDougall, David and Judy Ray, Hadara Bar-Nadav, Ruth Williams, Jane Medved, Jeff Ewing, Alice Friman, Lola Haskins, Andrea Hollander, Donald Levering, Al Maginnes, Sally Molini, Eric Pankey, Jim Peterson, Charles Harper Webb, Trish Reeves, Jack Ridl, Marjorie Saiser, Miles Waggener, Doug Ramspeck, Victoria Anderson, Joe Benevento, Matthew Cooperman, Dennis Finnell, Gary Gildner, Richard Newman, Al Ortolani, Adrian C. Louis, Andres Rodriguez, Charlotte Seley, and many more.  

Some Clarification about Mailing Copies Out of the U.S. and mailing to Contributors Who Do Not Inform Us of Address Changes.

     If you cannot attend the release party in September, you will receive a contributor copy by mail.

If you live outside of the country, you will have to pay the cost of mailing according to the U.S. Post Office.  If you wish, we can send you an electronic version of the magazine.  If you want to order additional copies at $15.00 each, plus the $5.00 mailing costs, you can send a check to I-70 Review, Tina Hacker, Operations Manager, 11905 Wenonga Lane, Leawood, KS 66209 or order through PayPal on our "Order a Copy" web page. Should your mailing address change before September, please inform us of that change so that we are able to mail your copy to the correct address. If we mail your copy to the wrong address because you  have not informed us in time, you will have to pay the postage and a reduced cost of the magazine for us to send another contributor copy.

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