I-70 Review

Writing and Art from the Middle and Beyond

John Peterson has worked as a reporter, photographer, and marketing writer. He has defeated the governor of Iowa in a goat-milking contest at the state fair, and has had a reporter's notebook stolen by the KGB—not the one with work notes, but the one crammed with dashes of lyric poetry. He lives with his wife on a small cat ranch in Kansas City, from which he looks at the world at large and screams, "This is not happening!" His hobbies include the great outdoors, photography, and writer's cramp. After many years he's concluded he has nothing important to say, but is still fascinated by how many ways there are to say it.

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I -70 Review Announces Pushcart Nominations for 2022

"Bears"... by Catherine Anderson

"Butterflies and Moths" ... by AE Hines

"Old Beginnings and Ends"... by Christopher Howell

"In Cemetery Winter"... by Ted Kooser

"Sunday Morning, I Recall My Junior College Anthropology Class"... by Gary Soto

"Sleepwalking"... by Maria Surrichio

The Bill Hickok Humor Award for Poetry

Deadline:  Feb 28, 2023

Entry Fee:  $15.00

Cash Prize:  $1,000

Jan Duncan-O'Neal

Editor Emeritus, I-70 Review

Nov 29, 1942

Oct 05, 2022

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